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Welcome to
Santiago de Puriscal

Welcome to SlothCreek
Where it's always
Dynamically Tranquil

Property Puriscal Costa RicaWelcome to SlothCreek
Where it's always
Dynamically Tranquil
Santiago de Puriscal.

Costa Rica
Rainy Season and Dry SeasonIn SlothCreek we have a Wet and Dry Season.

Dec to Early May is dry, and considered Summer.
May to Mid November is the wet season, and is called Winter here.
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Moon Puriscal
Pop. 11,512
Elev. 3,625 Feet
Elev. 1,205 Meters
Avg. Temp. 69° F
Avg. Temp. 20.5° C
San Jose. 28 miles
San Jose. 45 km
TOTAL 16,421.5
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Maximus :: DogStar DIMENSION

This species of Canine (Canus sirius) is in the midst of a paradigm, rising to consciousness and awareness. Raised on a research vessel with his nurturing parents and observational crew he fell in love with Science, but still feels the tugs of his Instincts as it figures out the World around him.


Rio Quote: "The Herd is Never Heard."
"Bullshit is their most conspicuious byproduct. "

And, to the Slaughter they happily trod, at the Master's beck and call.

Rio's Face :: Characteristics

This species of Capuchin (Sanjus apella) native to Brazil, are among the most intelligent and expressive of all monkeys. Their hair is really wild. I am using this feature, exaggerating his morphing coiffure feature to expand Rio's emotions, thoughts, frightening, fighting techniques, etc .  



SIRIUS ZEN :: DogStar Rising
FYI: This is an ENHANCED JumpText StoryBoard: CLICK and/or DRAG any of the Bolded Words and their SubText will appear in the DropZone to the Left.

 Click SIRIUS to Play, Pause, and ZEN to Rewind. In JumpText, the Words are the Player. Note the Cursor: A for Audio and the Rewind Symbol. is your typical, Boy meets Dog story. They have big Adventures. Become fast friends. Go everywhere together. And of course, save the world in the process. It would all be very cute, and saccharine sweet.

Except, in this story, there's no Boy. Just a few ZenMonkeys a Misanthropic Philosopher, named Doctor Z, a Bad Ass Scoundrel and his deadly thrall, Cazo's Cat, who is wholly bent on total destruction and general mayhem. .

As a matter of fact the Dog, is much more Enlightened than Doggish.

So, I suppose this telling isn't a typical, Boy meets Dog story, whatsoever. Sorry about that.

The thing is. I'm a born liar. Except for this story. Because every single word is absolutely true.

But still, despite my many faults if you'd like to know how the Canine Maximus, becomes a Bodhisattva, and really does save the World, then you should at least scan a few pages of this brillant Enhanced StoryBoard, and even read, some snippets of, Sirius Zen.

Seriously Prophetic, Seriously Philosophic, Seriously Fun. And, oh yeah, You'll be Enlightened, achieve BuddhaHood, Acquire a Prehensile Tail, Functional Dew Claws, and go straight away to-Heaven as well. I swear.

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